SEND Boston

The SEND Network exists to see Gospel preaching churches started in 32 of the most unreached cities in the country. Within this, The Well is a part of the SEND city of greater Boston, which includes 60 other churches in the greater Boston area. They exist to support one another in various forms, believing that each local church is better when united together to see Jesus made known and our cities flourish! 


Netcast Church

Netcast Church is our sending church, located in Beverly, MA. Scott and Charity trained here for a year between 2015 and 2016 learning valuable church planting training and connecting with the amazing community of people at Netcast. They were commissioned and sent to start The Well in Nashua in May of 2016 with Netcast's full support and blessing. We continue to have a tight relationship to this day, dreaming and planning together about raising up leaders and reproducing church plants throughout the northeast!