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 STARTED IN 2016 WITH THE IMPERFECT AND THE SKEPTIC IN MIND, The well EXISTs TO help our friends and neighbors know and follow Jesus. We realize that the vast majority in our region are skeptical about church, so we’re committed to being a church where everyone belongs.

27 Burke St, Nashua - 10:00am


Current message series

Hope in the Dark

Is there any hope? We can't help but ask this question when we get the doc's phone call, when we get fired, when our past haunts us, or a family member dies. Where do we turn when the chips are down? Find out where real hope lies as we explore Jesus' power in this new series Hope In The Dark.

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We craft environments for people to explore faith and to grow it. We’ve got a step that’s right for you, whether you’re just starting out in faith or you’ve been a follower of Jesus for years.

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