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A great way to get to know people at the Well is to serve! We are always looking for volunteers willing to help with our Sunday operations. Our goal is to get enough volunteers to be able expand our current offerings and allow for a rotating schedule so each helper can have a week off. Please review our current areas of need and fill out the form at the bottom to sign up. 


Setup and/Or Teardown 

We are a church-in-a-box! Which means we set up and tear down everything before and after the service in the elementary school gym and cafeteria. If you are helping with set up, we start at 8am and have a light breakfast together as a break around 9am.  If you are helping with tear down we generally finish packing everything away by 12:45pm.  Many hands make light work!


Kids Zone

Have a heart for the little ones? Our children's ministry is ever-expanding and the kids love to meet a new leader! We have separate services for infants, 2-5 year olds, and elementary kids.  The current children's ministry staff members don't often make it to the church service and are appreciative of those who jump on board to take a turn. We'd also love to be able to offer classes for older children and even teens some day, which will only be possible with additional helpers! 

welcome team

The Welcome Team

Have you been with the Well for sometime now and want to welcome newcomers? You're in luck because we would enjoy having you be part of our welcome team known as "The Dream Team"

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The Tech Team

The tech team does things.


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Feel free to let us know of any skills you have that we could use! You can also let us know you're second best area you wish to serve.